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Wood Plank Smoked Salmon is a delicious and healthy way to enjoy your pellet smokers. 

Thanks to CrazyGringoBBQ for sharing this recipe! 

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour


  • Wild Sockeye Salmon 
  • Avocado Oil
  • Buttery Steakhouse Rub
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Homemade Compound Butter
  • Dill


  1. Start with wild sockeye salmon and cut it into smaller portions.
  2. Then dry it, coat it with avocado oil, and then hit the filets with a buttery steakhouse rub and garlic parmesan.
  3. Set the smoker to 325°, and cooked the salmon until the internal temp hit 145° topped with homemade compound butter and some dill. 
  4. Enjoy!

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