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Get a take of the islands in your own backyard with this delicious Kalua Pork.

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes per pound



- Bone-In Pork Shoulder
Swine Life Mississippi Grit
Dave’s All Purpose Rub + Ancho Chili + Espresso Ground Coffee
- Shredded Green Cabbage
- Amber Beer
- Smokehouse Cherry or Smokehouse Blend (Pellets, Chips or Chunks)



  1. An hour before cooking, rub the pork shoulder, first with the Swine Life Mississippi Grit, then with the Meat Dave’s All Purpose Rub, combined with the Ancho chili and espresso.
  2. Set your grill or smoker to 225 degrees and pour in Smokehouse Cherry or Smokehouse Blend BBQ pellets
  3. Place the pork shoulder on the grill or smoker and smoke until it reaches an internal temp of 160-165 degrees (the stall). Spritz with the beer every 45 mins.
  4. At the stall, remove the shoulder from the grill, and cut into chunks
  5. Add the chunks, the bone, and the remaining beer to an InstantPot®
  6. Pressure cook for 1 hour and 30 minutes
  7. When done, remove the bone, shred the pork, and add the shredded cabbage

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